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Revision Aid : Exam Revision Notebook

Exam Revision Notebook


A brilliant motivational A4 notebook designed to ensure maximum study performance.

Great revision tool for college and university students.

The Exam Revision Notebook is an A4 160 pages notebook for revisions and exams studies. Printed with a few study quotes and a unique layout to facilitate great note taking and facts in a way that is readily and easily accessible pre-exams.

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Memory Recall Made Easy With The Exam Revision Notebook

There's good evidence that writing out good notes is integral and part of every student's life. For instance, according to research studies the act of writing hand-notes by hand aids concentration, information processing, a deeper understanding of subject matter and ensures better long-term memory recollection. Therefore If a student needs to remember something better and more frequently, it is worth writing it down and revisiting the concept or information regularly. However, to ensure better recollection, it is vital to have a well structured and organised note-taking system in place.

The Exam Notebook:

  1. Help you store your keynotes and facts separately but in one place in a way that is easily accessible for review and recollection.
  2. Provides you with a structured note-taking system that can be adapted to take full notes, draw diagrams and symbols for individuals who prefer visualizing key facts and concepts.
  3. Provides you with better time management by providing a schedule page that enables each student to track their study session.
  4. Provides you with few study/revision quotes and features a revision timetable with study break times in-between.

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For retailer wishing to stock and sell the Exam revision Notebook, we provide a discount of 30% when you buy more than 5 Exam Revision Notebooks and when bought directly from us. To purchase in bulk, please send us an email through our contact form.